Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hello Out There!

This is my very first go at blogging so bare with me won't you? :0)

I've gotten into baking....big time...it started with me buying 'perfect cupcakes, cookies & muffins'.

Since I bought that book I have not been able to stop baking.....mainly muffins....but I have now forced myself to branch out.

I also enjoy cooking for my little family.

And last week I got an almighty urge to start my own blog........about food I like to cook, bake & eat.

I've been collecting recipes from the internet, cook books, friends, family & anywhere I can really.

I'm mostly self taught when cooking & baking....even though my Mum & Grandma used to cook & bake around us all the time....I never paid that much attention which I wholly regret now.

Please keep an eye out on my blog.......I hope you enjoy it.

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